Women Veterans of America National


National Women Veterans of America is a voice for women who have and are currently serving in the Armed Forces. And advocate for women veteran’s rights, issues and benefits. Where sisters of the Armed Forces come together!


Our History

On 19 September 1990, Women Veterans of America was formed by four Women Veterans who were in a support group lead by Claudia Mitzeliotis in Broklen, VA. As the Gulf War was pending and it seemed eminent that a full-scale war was about to begin, the idea of forming a Women Veterans of America organization, came about. We had already been through, and smoothed out, the rough parts of dealing with the VA Hospital system. We knew those women coming home from the Gulf would need our expertise. We brought to the VA’s attention, issues from women who had served in the military. The majority of the patients were men so the WVA suggested the following issues be addressed:

WVA Founders

List of Founders of Women Veterans of America National (Left to Right):

Katherine Mussen

Vietnam Veteran

June Panzeri

WWII Veteran

Mildred Cipolla

Korean War Veteran

Colleen Mussolino

Vietnam Veteran

National Officers

Bridgette Hickey

National Commander​

Gloria Taylor

National Vice-Commander

Debra Dixon

National Sergeant-at-Arms

Dorinda Cameron

National Chaplain

Vacant Position

National Finance Commander

Rosie Terry

National Adjutant